Jared Devers B.Sc, Kin,. CEP, EIMC II

Jared Devers holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan.  He is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Personal Trainer.  Jared has been working as a personal trainer in Prince Albert since September 2006 and worked as a personal trainer in Saskatoon for 2 years prior to moving to Prince Albert.

Broker's Gym is an Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centre through the Canadian Society for Exercise Therapy and the Saskatchewan Kinesiology Exercise Science Association.

Fitness Assessment
Jared will measure you whole body fitness while using The Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach. 

An important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment objectively measures your correct level of physical fitness.  Without an effective fitness assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured. The fitness appraisal measures the following:

Body Composition
Upper Body Strength
Lower Body Strength
Lower Body Power
Abdominal Strength
Cardiovascular Fitness
Back Endurance  

Personal Training Sessions
Jared with meet with you to discuss goals and set up a foundation for success.  Jared will guide you through your own personalized program and show you how to properly use the machines and free weight to give you optimal benefits.  You program will consist of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and stretching. Jared will help you: 

Assess your goals
Set goals
Learn proper training techniques
Improve your appearance
Feel Better
Improve your health
Gain Muscle
Lose Fat
Improve your mental alertness 


One on One Training
1 Session: $60.00
3 Sessions: $150 ($50/session)
5 Sessions: $225 ($45.00/session)
10 Sessions: $400.00 ($40.00/session)

Partner Training

1 Session: $40.00/person
3 Sessions: $97.60/person ($32.50/session)
5 Sessions: $150.00/person ($30.00/session)
10 Sessions: $250/person ($25.00/session)

Group Training (3-5 people)
1 Session: $30.00/person
3 Sessions: $82.50/person ($27.50/session)
5 Sessions: $125.00/person ($25.00/session)
10 Sessions: $200.00/person ($20.00/session)

Team Training (5-20 people) – Agility, Speed, Endurance, Strength, Power and Plyometrics
1 Session: $20.00/person
3 Sessions: $17.50/person/session
5 Sessions: $15.00/person/session
10 Sessions: $10.00/person/session